Alleged T Tagger Nabbed in NYC

May 04--A New York man was hauled into a Hub court yesterday to face charges that he vandalized several Orange Line subway cars in Forest Hills two years ago by covering them with giant murals of his nom de spray paint, causing an estimated $5,000 in damage, T police said.

Nigel R. Perez, 30, of Brooklyn, was escorted to Boston by Transit detectives who picked him up Monday at a Manhattan court after he was busted for allegedly tagging a freight train in the Big Apple.

"He's a significant tagger," Deputy T Police Chief Lewis Best said of Perez, who was released yesterday on $300 bail after his arraignment on felony charges of vandalizing property. "This type of vandalism continues. . . . But by his arrest and others, we feel we have disrupted key players in this type of vandalism."

Transit Detective Lt. Nancy O'Loughlin, the officer responsible for nabbing Perez, said he uses the tag name "True" and is affiliated with Chicago-based graffiti crews "Dirty 30" and "XMen."

O'Loughlin said she built a case against Perez by linking him to the tag name sprayed across two subway cars parked in Forest Hills on Aug. 22, 2009.


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