New York, New Jersey Heighten Security In Case Of Retaliation

May 02--NEW YORK (PIX11) -- Security has been heightened here in New York City and in major cities across the country on real concern about revenge attacks after Osama Bin Laden's death.

Officials say right now there are no specific credible threats but the possibility of retaliation looms.

Speaking today at a Ground Zero news conference, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, "As of now I'm happy to say there are no new immediate threats against our city." However, the Mayor cautioned against complacency in the aftermath of Osama Bin Laden's death.

The Mayor reminded New Yorkers that our area remains a top terror target and Bloomberg told reporters "the killing of Bin Laden will not change that."

Bloomberg praised New York City's Police Department for building what he called the most sophisticated counter-terrorism operation of any police department in the world.

NYPD has blocked a dozen potential terror attacks in the years since 9/11.

NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly/Commissioner said at the same Lower Manhattan news conference that "there are no specific threats against New York City as of this moment but we certainly are not taking any chances. Our assumption is that Bin Laden's disciples would like nothing better than to avenge his death by another attack in New York. That is our operating premise."

The NJ State Police issued this statement tonight, which reads in part: "The death of Bin Laden does not mean the death of terrorism...the law enforcement and intelligence community remains vigilant for terrorist retaliatory acts...the public should maintain the same attitude."

In a statement issued today, NJ TRANSIT said their system "continue(s) to maintain a heightened state of vigilance...customers may notice an increased...police presence...however, there is no specific or credible threat against the NJ TRANSIT system at this time."

At a White House news conference today White House Counter-Terrorism Adviser John Brennan cautioned "there's always the potential for terrorist groups to try to strike out and avenge an operation like (the killing of Osama Bin Laden).

NYPD started taking extra precautions last night on news of bin ladens death focused on bridges, ferries and subways.

Commissioner Kelly says the department put out a directive to all of officers to be alert for suspicious packages or any evidence that transit system or infrastructure are being targeted. There was increased transit police presence during the morning and evening rush hour including more bag searches. Heavily armed teams were deployed as a precaution to Times Square and the Financial District. Helicopters flew patrols over key sites and paying special attention to bridges, ferries, and water taxis.

New York area airports have also been put on high alert and behind the scenes we're told NYPD's counter-terrorism bureau and intelligence division are working hard to spot any indication of planned retaliation as a result of the death of Osama Bin Laden.


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