Ioxus Inc.

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118 Winney Hill Road
Oneonta, NY 13820

Phone: 607.433.9011
Fax: 607.433.9014

Ioxus develops, manufactures and commercializes innovative ultracapacitor technologies in the United States. The company provides cost-effective, green energy solutions for the military, transportation and alternative energy markets. Ioxus was established by the parent company, Custom Electronics Inc., which has supplied commercial and military clients with high reliability capacitors and integrated electronic assemblies since 1964.

Supercapacitors Spur Advances in Hybrid Public Transportation

Ioxus Launches Thin Cell iMOD Ultracapacitor Module Designs Worldwide

August 8, 2012
From Ioxus Inc.

EMD Selects Ioxus’ 3,000F iCAP Ultracapacitors for Improved Fuel Efficiency

July 18, 2012
From Ioxus Inc.
Hybrid Update: Is Full Electric in Our Future?

Hybrid Update: Is Full Electric in Our Future?

Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs) and Power Modules

From Ioxus Inc.