Connexionz Limited

Company Details:
1 Show Place
Bldg 1, Level 2, Addington
Christchurch, New Zealand USA

Phone: 866.254.4140
Fax: 643.339.4537

Founded in 1998, Connexionz' combined computer-aided dispatch (CAD), automatic vehicle location (AVL) and real-time passenger information (RTPI) systems allow operators to manage their service efficiently and accurately, while also providing increased security for drivers and passengers. Connexionz has implemented systems in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Brazil and New Zealand. We offer the following passenger information: LED signs, audio station, BusTV, Web site RTPI, WAP and SMS, and Connexionz' BusFinder technology. AVL: Connexionz' system allows transit staff to view the real-time location of buses on a map, and identify whether drivers are operating to schedule and adhering to their assigned routes. Management reporting and analysis: The central computer consolidates the real-time data for management reporting and analysis. The analysis of the historic data will also aid the future planning of transit services, including scheduling, frequency and routing.