React Systems Inc.

Company Details:
4920 El Camino Real
Los Altos, CA 94022 USA

Phone: 866.982.7662

React Systems Inc. is an innovator in high-performance, global critical response notification systems (CRNS) that unify critical actions in emergencies and time-sensitive situations. React enables health care providers, educational institutions, public safety agencies, facility operators and corporations to dramatically improve critical response performance by assuring incident readiness and real-time, coordinated response. The React system can notify first responders and those at risk anywhere in the world, within seconds, delivering targeted video, audio, voice and text-based information via any mode of communication. It is cost effective, fully scalable and configurable for ease of installation, integration and change management. React products are commercially available and can be quickly deployed as either client-server Enterprise or hosted OnDemand service. React Systems is formerly known as Vasona Technology Inc.

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