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Invitation for Bid and related Bid and Contract Documents for Installation of Solar Equipment and Panels

From Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IndyGo)

Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IPTC)


The Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation d/b/a IndyGo (“IPTC”) will be releasing an Invitation for Bid and related Bid and Contract Documents (“Solicitation Documents”) for installation of solar equipment and panels. 

By law, transit agencies such as IPTC are required to protect sensitive security information (“SSI”).  SSI is any information whose disclosure may compromise the security of the traveling public, transit employees or transit infrastructure. Certain pages that are included in the architectural/engineering and design documents and specifications for the Project contain SSI.  Protecting SSI means restricting its distribution and controlling access to it.  Only persons with a “need to know” may access SSI.  Potential bidders for this Project, including subcontractors, regardless of whether such potential bidder ultimately bids on the Project, are considered individuals/entities with a “need to know” this SSI.

To access Solicitation Documents containing SSI:

Because IPTC must restrict access to and distribution of SSI, IPTC will be posting the Solicitation Documents to an online, secure document sharing site.  In order to obtain access to the secure document sharing site, potential bidders will be required to execute a non-disclosure agreement which addresses the appropriate handling, storage, use, reproduction, transmittal and destruction of the SSI (“NDA”).  Solicitation Documents containing SSI will only be released to those executing an NDA.  All prime bidders to IPTC must execute an NDA.

The required NDA is available for download now on the IPTC website at: and may be returned at any time prior to the date of Bid Opening to the IPTC Procurement Department via email to  A complete package of the Solicitation Documents (SSI and non-SSI) will be posted to a secure documents sharing site.  Printing of documents containing SSI will be available to authorized vendors at vendors’ expense through Marbaugh Reprographics at 801 North Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204 (Phone: 317-631-1000). 

Solicitation Documents are expected to be available March 16, 2015.

Public Address Interface Device (PAID)

From Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

Requisition #: 2015556

Design and produce a Public Address Interface Device (PAID) to interface an existing Harris radio with a DART Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) public address system.  Each LRV shall be equipped with this device and have its own unique address consisting of a strand of Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) signals.  By receiving and decoding these signals, PAID shall have the ability to transmit audio from the radio directly to the inside, outside, both or “All Call” (to any active LRV) PA destinations in a specific LRV when its address is triggered.  This will provide the DART Train Control Center with the ability to speak directly to passengers in the event of an emergency.

Documentation provided reflects design and manufacturing of a proof of concept device that meets DART’s requirements.  The Contractor is encouraged to improve upon any aspects of the design and construction of the device, remaining with technical parameters outlined. 

Supplier NIGP Codes

Obtain  NIGP codes FROM Use only the first 3 digits 

405 - Hardware and Related Items 

803 - Sound Systems, Components, and Accessories: Group Intercom, Music, Public Address, etc.                           

ADA Complementary Paratransit Service and Oakmont Service

From Santa Rosa CityBus

Pre-Proposal Conference
Monday, March 2, 2015
Transit Operations Building
45 Stony Point Rd.
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Proposals Due
Thursday, March 19, 2015 by 3:00pm

Jodi Frost, Administrative Services Officer
100 Santa Rosa Ave., Room 6
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Mobile Video Surveillance

From City of Lancaster

Request for Proposals

Mobile Video Surveillance

Lancaster Public Transit

City of Lancaster, Ohio

The Lancaster Public Transit System is seeking competitive proposals for mobile video surveillance for the transit fleet.  Complete bid packets can be obtained by contacting the City of Lancaster, Service Safety Director at 740.687-6608,, or on the web at

The deadline for receipt of proposals is 11:00am, EST on March 13, 2015 at the location listed below.  One original signature copy and six (6) copies of the vendor’s Technical and Cost Proposal should be submitted in a sealed envelope/package labeled “Proposal for Mobile Video Surveillance” and sent to:

City of Lancaster, Public Transit System

c/o Service Safety Director

104 E. Main Street

Lancaster, OH 43130

All respondents are notified that disadvantaged and women owned enterprises are encouraged to submit responses to this request.  The Lancaster Public Transit System will ensure that respondents to this request will not be discriminated against based on sex, race, color, creed or national origin in consideration of an award.

This project is funded, in part, by Federal funds through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) under the 49 USC Section 5311 along with state and local funds.  The Lancaster Public Transit System retains the right to reject any or all proposals, and to withdraw this solicitation at any time.

The Lancaster Public Transit System is an equal opportunity employer.

Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IPTC) Request for Proposal

From Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IndyGo)

Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IPTC) Request for Proposal

RFP# 15-01-191

Summary: The Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IPTC) is issuing this Request for Proposal (RFP) to retain environmental management consulting services from a qualified consultant to continue and enhance the current Environmental Management System (EMS).

Contract terms: Three (3) years with (2) one year options

View RFP online at

Pre-Solicitation Meeting: January 22, 2015 @ 1:30pm (local time)

Written Questions Due: January 27, 2015 @ 12:00 Noon (local time)

Questions Answered: February 2, 2015

Solicitation Package Due Date: February 10, 2015 @ 2pm (local time)

Vendor Interviews: February 17, 2015

Deliver Bid Package to: IPTC Procurement, 1501 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN  46222

No late Bids accepted and proposals must be hard copies.

Request for Proposal - RFP

From Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority


The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority is planning a procurement for operations and maintenance of the Cincinnati Streetcar via a Request for Proposal.


Bidding/proposal instructions, specifications, and contractual terms and conditions will be available on Jan. 7, 2015. Contact SORTA’s Procurement Department, Judy Ross at (513) 632-7516 or email

Ticket Vending Machine System - RFP

From Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT)

The State of Connecticut, Department of Transportation

Ticket Vending Machine System - RFP

The State of Connecticut, Department of Transportation (“CTDOT”), has issued a Request for Proposals (“RFP”), solicitation #14DOT7003, to solicit proposals and procure a Ticket Vending Machine System (“System”) for the new CTrail Hartford Line passenger rail service.  The RFP, including the Scope of Work and other documents, provide a description of CTrail Hartford Line service and stations, as well as detailed requirements for the System.

The RFP is available at the CTDOT contracting portal website:

Further information about the CTrail Hartford Line is available at:

The Scope of Work includes, but is not limited to, the design, manufacture, and installation of the ticket vending machines (“TVMs”) and the operation and maintenance of the System, including, among other things, the TVMs and the Data Collection and Reporting System components, for an initial 5-year period with 2 successive options for CTDOT to extend the operation and maintenance of the System for an additional 5-year period.  The Scope of Work also includes potential option work that may be exercised by CTDOT during the term of its agreement with the selected proposer.   

Proposals are due by 3:00 p.m. E.S.T. January 28, 2015.  No Proposals received after this deadline will be considered. Detailed instructions on how to submit proposals are included in the RFP.

CTDOT will negotiate an agreement with the successful Proposer.  A draft agreement, specifying the provisions that CTDOT requires, is included with the RFP.   

Contracted Fixed Route Bus Service

From Transdev North America (formerly Veolia Transportation)

Request for Proposal

RFP 4-1737

On behalf of Transdev, Inc., a national transit management company, Vectour Transportation Group is soliciting cost proposals from qualified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (“DBE”) subcontractors or vendors who are currently certified under the California Unified Certification Program as DBEs to perform various support services for the referenced project, including but not limited to the following services:  New and used tire supplies, Uniforms, Automotive maintenance and repair, Equipment and supplies, including parts and fluids, and Commercial printing and office supplies.  The RFP for the Orange County Transportation Authority may be reviewed at:  If your firm is a DBE certified under the California Unified Certification Program, and you are interested in quoting a portion of the work for this project, please send an email response or inquiry to:  Ron Wall at  Your response should detail the supplies/services available and current certification, and be received no later than November 4th, 2014.  Final quotes are due to Vectour Transportation Group by November 8th, 2014.  All proposals are evaluated fairly.



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