Transportation Funding Update: Three Days and Counting

It's hard to keep up with everything going on and even by the time you read this things could have changed ... but here's the latest rundown of what's going on, on the Hill.

While the Senate and House Democrats urged the House to vote on the Senate's two-year highway bill (S.1813) yesterday, the House said no and is going to vote today on a 90-day extension or 60-day extension. (Yes, that would be extension No. 9.) A vote for both is on the calendar for today.

The House Republicans could vote it through on a simple majority, not needing any Democrats votes. Unless, however, enough House Republicans break away from their party.

Chances are the House will vote to extend transportation funding at current levels for three more months. That would also give them three more months to come up with an alternative to the proposed House bill (HR.7)

If the 90-day extension passes, the Senate would probably agree, or risk disrupting transportation funding as of Sunday. Comments coming from both sides agree no one wants a shut down.

What else is going on?

Well with Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) pushing forward his budget resolution, the Department of Transportation is just one of the agencies that is listed as needing less money to spend.

Earl Blumenauer is still working to build House support for the Senate's transportation bill. And, the Senate Democrats had another press conference yesterday demanding the House put the Senate's bill on the floor.