Talent in Transit

This is our fifth year of doing the Top 40 Under 40 and while we enjoy reading through all the submissions and putting it together, we hear a lot about how much people look forward to it. The number of submissions continues to grow each year and people start submitting earlier and earlier. Along those lines, you can submit an entry for next year’s at any time at www.MassTransitmag.com/10253830.

There’s not enough room in here to cover everything the Top 40 do, so be sure to check out their profiles online. There are also some additional photos of them in action on the job and outside the job. Most of the information you’ll find highlights projects they’ve worked on in more detail or additional responsibilities they have.

As there’s more space, there’s also room for some interesting and fun information, like about the director of community affairs who’s also a BarreAmped fitness instructor, which senior vice president/chief of staff is an Ironman competitor, or which marketing and public affairs coordinator is planning on running a second half-marathon next month.

Most people say they like working in transit because it’s a small, close-knit community where they’ve build friendships. Having a glimpse at some of the personal lives and reading their quotes on what they enjoy about working in public transportation, what they hope to see in its future and what they enjoy doing in their spare time sheds some light on people you may run into at the next conference.

With training, recruitment and retirements being a concern to so many of our readers we hear from, it was the reason we started the Top 40 Under 40. And to provide a resource, we have a number of articles in this issue that look at some of the programs and techniques used by some agencies to mitigate those challenges.