2013 Top 40 Under 40: Chad Huffman

Chad Huffman

Senior Account Manager

Avail Technologies Inc.

Chad Huffman has been committed to the transit industry for nearly 15 years with the goal of bringing advanced technologies to public transit. He has worked for several major CAD/AVL vendors, including Init, Xerox and Avail Technologies.

Huffman’s unique contribution to the industry is his ability to translate complex technological detail into easy-to-understand operational language and scenarios. He understands intelligent transportation systems technology, and why, how and where the technology should be applied. He also has the ability to connect with people, understand their needs and explain how ITS technologies will help meet those needs in their organization.

Huffman shares his knowledge and experience with ITS through his involvement as an active member of The American Public Transportation Association, serving as vice chair of the outreach subcommittee for the Joint Council for Wireless Communication.

He also serves as a participant on APTA’s Research & Technology, Information Technology, Communications and Technical Services Committee, as well as a member of the Canadian Urban Transportation Association. He has helped increase the adoption of ITS technology within the industry and was involved in early ITS standards committees.


“I find public transit one of the most exciting and challenging markets today. The transit industry has attracted people from many different industries and has benefited from this diverse group. Because of this diversity, the exciting challenge I have is meeting the needs, goals and desires with an equally wide and diverse solution to make sure my customers are successful.”