Top 40 Under 40 2013: Justin Garrod

Justin Garrod

Corridor Design Manager – Systems

Sound Transit

Justin Garrod has been with Sound Transit for 10 years and is presently responsible for all aspects of the systems design for the university link extension and northgate link extension projects. Garrod was previously Sound Transit’s resident engineer and project manager for the delivery of the light rail fleet. He was responsible for the completion of the design, qualification testing, delivery, testing and certification.

Garrod has volunteered to take on additional duties, such as working with the noise mitigation team to prototype, install, test and solve a noise impact with the surrounding community; stepping in as an acting assistant resident engineer for a key communications project prior to the opening of light rail; and seeking out a local supplier to test an alternate approach toaccomplishing ultra-straight rail, which was a requirement for construction underneath the University of Washington campus.

Garrod is involved in the American Public Transportation Association and is a member of the light rail vehicle sub-committee. In 2010 Garrod participated in the development of an APTA standard for procurement of light rail vehicles and presented the specification at the 2010 APTA Rail Conference. Locally Garrod has become quite involved in understanding the alternative public works requirements for the state of Washington.

Garrod has been project management professional certified since 2006. He completed a master’s degree in intermodal transportation management.

“I would like to see greater opportunities for more young people to enter the transit industry … There is a tremendous amount of experience in our community today that is on the verge of retirement; I don’t believe the industry is prepared to fill the gap when those retirements really start happening.”