Looking to Natural Gas as an Alternative

At the American Public Transportation Association Annual Meeting, the Transit Natural Gas Coalition held a reception to provide attendees with the opportunity to share information about using natural gas as an alternative fuel.

University of South Florida Research Director Joel Volinski talked about the funded research project that has been established: Alternative Fuel Clearinghouse. He said they will be looking to the industry to get information that they can compile so as to provide a third-party, objective analysis.

The type of information they’re looking for includes, what does it take to get an alternative-fueled system up and running, what are the maintenance concerns and what the cost-benefits are.

Volinski said they will be looking to the agencies to help out by contacting them so they can work together to gather as much data as possible. You can reach him at volinski@cutr.usf.edu or 813.974.9847.

The Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVi) was also on hand to share information on how they help NGV industry members and operators utilize natural gas in their fleet. The organization provides technical training and consulting on natural gas vehicles and fueling. NGVi can be reached at 702.254.4180 or info@ngvi.com.