Robert Taylo

Rob Taylo has been a part of the wireless technology industry for more than a decade and is an active member of the American Bus Association, United MotorCoach Association and the American Public Transit Association, as well as being a board member of Joint Council on Wireless Technology — Wireless Technology Committee.

Taylo is founder and CEO of SinglePoint Communications, an exclusive U.S. distributor of WiFi in Motion — a suite of products designed to offer high-speed wireless Internet on public transit vehicles.

Due to Taylo’s leadership, SinglePoint’s product offerings go beyond Wi-Fi to include software that generates ad revenue, GPS tracking, credit card verification, real-time CCTV footage and more.

His recent work with the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority (VTA) brought the agency a nomination as a finalist in the California Transportation Foundation’s 23rd annual CTF Transportation Awards. In the category of Transit Project of the Year, VTA and SinglePoint were recognized for their introduction of free high-speed Wi-Fi in commuter buses and trains throughout Silicon Valley.

“I love delivering new, innovative technology to the transportation industry ... I have always been a creative soul. When you marry that entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for technology, the outcome is a fun, small business that looks to change the way transportation companies function.”