Nicholas J. Eull

Metro Transit’s buses and trains run not only on biodiesel and electricity, but they also run on money.

As manager of passenger fare revenue processing, Nick Eull ensures that cash collected on buses and trains is properly safeguarded, counted and deposited. And he ensures that the equipment that collects transit fares is properly purchased, maintained and upgraded.

Eull joined Metro Transit as a transit control center supervisor in 2002 and moved to the finance division a year later as revenue operations analyst where he was integral to the design and implementation of the regional smartcard fare collection system.

In his current position, Eull manages the work of 40 employees who care for the fare collection equipment and under his leadership, equipment reliability increased 40 percent over two years.

Eull led the fare collection equipment im-plementation of Metro Transit’s first commuter rail line in late 2009, marking the first time the region had undertaken distance-based fares.

Eull has demonstrated a particular commitment to process improvement and employee productivity. He led his maintenance group in implementing automated work order and inventory management as well as standardizing quality measures for maintenance and equipment performance.

“I had an opportunity to get directly involved when Metro Transit implemented its automated fare collection system and learn about fare collection from the ground up. Gaining that understanding helped me realize how adaptable the equipment is in meeting our customer’s evolving fare collection needs.”