Michael D. Jones, MBA, PHR

Michael Jones has been a part of the DART team for 12 years. After completing two internships with DART, Jones secured a full-time position as a benefits coordinator in the agency’s Human Resources Department. Since that point, he has progressed through a variety of professional and managerial positions into his current role.

While his official role is to oversee recruiting and employee and labor relations, Jones has the unofficial designation of “problem solver” within the organization. He has had the opportunity to engage with executive leadership on numerous projects that produce agency-wide solutions.

Jones has also participated in several transit specific assignments, one of the most significant being his involvement in re-defining the authority’s “Optimal Bus Operator” report, which is a bus operator staffing model that uses several factors in determining the optimum monthly staffing needs. This staffing model has since been adopted by a least two other transit properties.

Jones has also worked on projects related to bus and rail operator fatigue studies, employee incentive programs, absence management committees, as well as serving on the authority’s Division Level Measurement program committee, which is an internal competition designed to promote continuous improvement in alignment with established agency-wide goals.


“Public transit has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember ... I had no idea transit was such a complex business that required a massive infrastructure to operate ... I believe it was my destiny to be a public transit professional ... Working with people that are dedicated to serve others on a daily basis makes the job fun ...”