Meghan Makoid

A self-proclaimed transit geek, Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) Transportation Planner Meghan Makoid finds the opportunity to shape travel and land-use patterns for future generations the most fulfilling aspect of transportation planning.

Makoid is committed to transit, committed to CATS and committed to spreading the word about transit. As a NEPA practitioner, Makoid works on large-scale public transportation projects and seeks out the newest and most effective ways to communicate, educate and empower the public.

Makoid has been very involved with the Blue Line LRT system extension and has sought out a variety of training opportunities and worked with Planning in developing station area plans for the stations. She’s also been involved in coordinating the SAP public involvement effort.

Makoid is dedicated to making Charlotte a better place to live by increasing transit awareness in the community by providing information that is easy to understand, accessible and informative by using new public involvement tools that are available. She provides clear information in plain language that helps the community and the decision-makers make more informed decisions.

She is very involved in spreading transit news through social media, especially Twitter. She started the #TransitThursday effort and keeps it going every Thursday, with more and more people taking part.

“I know that my community will be positively influenced by these plans ... it is this small thought that motivates me to work harder every day to serve my community ... New technologies are profoundly influencing the future of public transportation ... I believe in open, transparent and informative planning ...”