Jason A. Lurz

Jason Lurz is the director of Metro Operations for the Maryland Transit Administration. With an annual budget of $60 million, Lurz oversees a fleet of 100 subway cars operated and maintained by 345 employees who safely transport 60,000 riders per day.

As the director of Metro Operations, Lurz has initiated and personally managed some of the most significant improvements in safety, fiscal responsibility and modernization that the MTA has seen in recent years. Lurz’s safety initiatives have included the joint development of a state-of-the-art First Responders training program for MTA staff and local emergency services organizations.

In his efforts to reduce costs at Metro, and the MTA as a whole, Lurz has reached out to other modes to collaborate on a wide variety of initiatives to share resources and reduce the duplication of work. Some of his more notable collaborative projects have included the implementation of the agency-wide ProjectWise document management system and IBM’s Maximo asset management system.

During his tenure, the installation of the SupplyPro materials and workflow management system has managed the task of improving employee access to tools and consumables, while at the same time reducing waste and loss.

Lurz has received a Governor’s Award for Safety Innovation and a technology “User Experience Award” for his efforts in creating maintenance kiosks.


“The best thing about my job is that it allows me to touch the lives of millions of Marylanders; for most riding transit in the morning is their first experience of the day ... Gettting them to their destination on-schedule, while providing a safe and comfortible ride is my satisfaction of a job well done.”