Ismael B. Segovia

Ismael B. Segovia began his career in transit planning in 2008, during the redevelopment period of Sun Metro. Initially coming from a background in urban planning, he was able to quickly apply his knowledge of this in the transit industry.

Since his arrival at Sun Metro, Segovia has been in many frontline projects and was instrumental in the development of long-range plans for the system. With a background of smart growth principles, Segovia began to work with his colleagues in identifying how Sun Metro could become the guiding force.

Segovia was assigned the task of reviewing land-use development cases on behalf of Sun Metro to ensure that such plans were in compliance with the move toward alternative modes of transportation. Segovia worked closely with the city Planning Department in its development of a form-based code to provide input from the transit aspect.

Sun Metro began to move on the construction of four new transfer centers in which Segovia became involved in as part of the overview process and ensured that each project was consistently progressing.

In 2010, Sun Metro began its analysis of implementing a bus rapid transit (BRT) system and it was requested that Segovia take an active part in the Alternative Analysis process. Segovia has also been designated as one of the leads in the initial steps for the new streetcar project.

“What I really enjoy is knowing that projects we are working on will have a major positive impact on how citizens will view transit for years to come here in El Paso ... I would like to see more people understand the benefits of using transit ... it not only keeps money in their pockets ... but also ... opens new doors for socializing and provide new personal experiences.”