Eric J. Haack

Access Services’ Strategic Planner Eric Haack has demonstrated commitment to his work with the agency, which provides paratransit service for all of Los Angeles County. He has aided it in producing and providing important services to the customers, and has also become an expert on the service, speaking at outreach events and most recently, at statewide conferences.

Within months of his arrival, Access Services needed to provide updates to all of its civil rights reports and with his legal background, Haack was able to research the relevant regulations and quickly produce updates to the agency’s Equal Employment Opportunity plan, as well as draft a new limited English proficiency (LEP) report, which was used as a template by other transportation agencies in the region.

Haack has been instrumental in overseeing a newly created premium ADA service funded by a Federal Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) grant called “Access to Work,” in which Access customers who use the service to travel to jobs or job training, can receive guaranteed arrival times so they are not late to work; a very unique service for Access to provide.

Recently, Haack was able to secure additional funding through a JARC multi-million dollar grant to extend and expand the Access to Work program following initial success.

“I enjoy working with a diverse group of talented people ... paratransit improves the quality of life of our customers by responding to their transportation needs ... Because of the close relationship Access has with its customers, it is often with their guidance and advocacy that new services develop and the agency is able to improve.”