Elizabeth Scanlon

Elizabeth “Liz” Scanlon came to the Honolulu Rail Project from the Salt Lake City Transit Project. Her previous experience increased the agency’s technical capacity and she has been the main force in getting the full funding grant agreement (FFGA) documents together for the application to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for the project. She is dedicated, hard working and makes sure that everybody within HART meets their obligations.

She has managed the FFGA roadmap and application process efficiently, helping the agency to demonstrate its ability to meet its commitments to the FTA, and to earn HART a $1.55 billion federal share for the $5.1 billion project.

Scanlon’s personality is a true attribute in this assignment her strongest asset being her ability to effectively communicate and to motivate her team to strive for excellent quality. She is not afraid to speak her mind and hold her own agency accountable, but her upbeat and positive attitude also seems to have the agency staff performing at a higher level than ever before.

She has built strong relationships with the HART organization, the city and county of Honolulu, the state of Hawaii and the FTA. She has brought invaluable insight into alternative contracting approaches to address potential risk and has been a strong advocate of the same.


“I feel really lucky to be where I am today ... Over my career, I have been given incredible opportunities and I’ve never forgotten those moments ... I like the challenges, the fast-paced dynamics and collaboration ... I like having an opportunity to look critically at problems or challenges with our communities, and trying to find solutions.”