Derrick E. Breun

Derrick Breun is the chief operations officer for Veolia’s first public-private partnership (PPP) contract at the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority. As COO, Breun oversees the daily operations for 230 vehicles and a staff of 359.

Under his leadership, the authority has realized improved service, greater on-time performance and reduced accident rates. Breun has proven his exceptional grasp of the complexity and uniqueness of the public transit industry.

Under his guidance, the historic St. Charles streetcar line reports a 47 percent reduction in accidents. His promotion of safety training classes and activities has spurred significant safety awareness among operators and employees alike and he designed safety signs and slogans that are in use throughout the system.

Breun also brings to the table exceptional financial skills and has operated within the budget constraints that all agencies are confronting. He is a master at analyzing route performance versus cost, making adjustments to stay on budget.

Previously, Breun was the general manager for Veolia’s Jefferson Parish Transit system from 2006 through 2008. Breun was instrumental in returning transit service to Jefferson Parish post-Katrina, including creation of the post-Katrina budget for the system, and working with the FTA on all issues relative to returning the system.

“Transit needs a dedication to frequency, and expansion of services to the areas of greatest usage ... By pushing a frequency agenda, the industry will confirm to the everyday taxpayer that we are serious about moving choice users onto our systems, and providing reliable service to the base of our ridership.”