Brian W. Andrews, MPA

Brian Andrews is dedicated and committed to making the Durham Area Transit Authority (DATA) experience pleasant for its employees and passengers.

Andrews increased training for DATA frontline supervisors and partnered with other local transit agencies to maximize training opportunities and information sharing. This approach allows training to take place almost on a monthly basis, has built relationships, created greater opportunities for learning, and is a more efficient and effective use of resources in the region. In addition to local training, Andrews solicits and hosts training offered by the National Transit Institute.

In 2010 Andrews created and introduced an employee computer center; a place where employees can utilize the Internet during their off time. Andrews was instrumental in the purchase of online training software that employees can utilize for free. With more than 100 online self-study course offerings, employees can develop personal and professional skills in many different areas. Taking it a step further, Andrews plans to take advantage of select course modules and offer them in a traditional classroom setting. This way DATA addresses both traditional classroom learning and non-traditional on-line learning styles.

“DATA employees are the heart of our business and if we create a great place to work and provide those resources that are essential to them doing their jobs efficiently and effectively, we all win. It will be reflected in the way we treat our customers and in the level of service we provide.”