Arthur Pazdan, P.E.

Arthur Pazdan is leading the development and delivery of next-generation transit projects. Pazdan is the deputy engineering manager for the San Jose-to-Merced segment of the California high-speed rail project and is also the deputy project manager for the AC Transit East Bay Bus Rapid Transit project. Stakeholders know him as an emotionally intelligent leader that always delivers, despite any hurdles.

He’s serviced more than 200 infrastructure projects of varying scope, size and discipline. From small local agency feasibility studies to major multi-modal corridors, Pazdan’s always vested in a project’s full life cycle success.

Pazdan has been obsessed with transit since childhood and getting from A to B to C in the most efficient way possible. He memorized all the modes of the Chicago transit system and several years removed living in California can still recall which ‘L’ stops have the best Chicago-style hot dogs nearby and which Metra lines to take around the Tri-State area. On business and pleasure travel, Pazdan is happy to stick with transit and will take up to four modes to and from places (bus, light rail, people mover and airplane).

He received his master’s in engineering systems management from Texas A&M and his bachelor’s in civil engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a focus on multi-modal transportation.

“I’ve benefitted tremendously by having lived and worked in cities well served by transit. What we today call transit-oriented development was common practice before driving became the main mode of transportation. Transit is inherently sustainable and encourages the most efficient use of our limited resources.”