Dr. Ahmed El-Aassar

With more than 13 years of experience, Dr. Ahmed El-Aassar develops and implements all phases of acoustical analyses, including noise monitoring, impact and mitigation analyses, and noise barrier design for transit and rail projects. He designed an audio-visual tool that provides a new way for stakeholders to gauge the noise impact of proposed infrastructure projects.

Sounds of Transit debuted during a transit analysis study to evaluate multiple transit technologies for an 85-mile, 28-city corridor. The planning process required extensive public outreach to address concerns, including the sound impact. It is built on an Interactive Sound Information System (ISIS)developed by David Dubbink Associates.

To populate the ISIS, El-Aassar developed a library of recorded and calibrated digital audio and video recordings of various transit alternatives. This tool is used to clearly and accurately demonstrate the impact of actual sound levels during public workshops.

El-Aassar has shared the value of this tool with other consulting firms, state departments of transportation, the Federal Transit Administration, and during national technical conferences. In 2012, El-Aassar was recognized by CSX with an Outstanding Service Award in the Environmental Services Category for his application of Sounds of Transit.


“While living abroad in Great Britain during graduate studies, I was exposed to great rail systems … This showed me the possibilities of a comprehensive transit system … I am excited to be involved in noise studies for several systems in the U.S., hoping that one day a better connected system will be available for public use … This innovative tool helps explain the noise topic to the public in order to achieve support for implementing and building a great network.”