Dee Leggett

Joining the Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) in 2007 as a communications and marketing manager, DCTA leadership quickly recognized Dee Leggett’s talent, creative thinking, political savvy and passion. She was soon promoted to vice president of Planning and Communications, where she has worked to improve transit services, modernize the agency and build lasting community partnerships.

Leggett arrived at DCTA as it was in the midst of developing a 21-mile commuter rail line, now called the A-train. Leggett oversaw the branding, marketing, communications and public involvement strategy for planning, environmental review, construction and launch of this new service. Leggett’s ability to develop creative solutions and negotiate acceptance helped keep the project moving.

Leggett has demonstrated innovative thinking and grant prowess through administration of more than $15 million in federal transit grants in the past three years. And, she successfully secured more than $275 million in competitive state and federal grants.

Her oversight of DCTA’s planning and public involvement efforts helped lead to implementation of new bus services and rideshare programs and modifications of existing services. This has resulted in a 15 percent growth in transit ridership. And, as manager of DCTA’s rail station and rail car aesthetics and DCTA’s Environmental Mitigation Strategy and Community Enhancement Program, Leggett has worked to build trust and support among the residents of Denton County and the customers DCTA serves.

“The future in public transit — and all of transportation — is tied to more comprehensive, sustainable planning and development. We can build smarter, more efficient transportation infrastructure if all modes are considered in corridor planning and land use is developed in a manner to be more supportive of transit.”