The Times They are a-Changin'

It’s our first issue of 2012 and we have some exciting additions coming to “Mass Transit.” We have many more online stories because there’s more than we can fit in a magazine. Online there is additional in-depth information on the Regional Transportation District (RTD) in Denver and on the transit industry’s use of social media. Best part is, the online features include hyperlinks. So for our Industry Forum on social media use, you can click to see what they mean by “Trending Topics,” click to see what the agency’s Facebook page looks like, and more.

There is so much going on at RTD, we have a number of online articles focused on some of the different things they’ve been doing. There’s additional info on how they went about getting the FasTracks sales tax passed; the Denver Union Station renovation; a West Corridor update, which will begin testing at the end of this year; and an update on security initiatives. RTD has some great videos and additional information online that we can connect to, to get you in touch with the information you’re looking for.

We also have an article coming in our March issue that looks at public-private partnerships, including additional information on RTD’s Eagle P3 Project.

The first two issues this year we’re focusing on technology as we consistently hear from readers that keeping up with evolving technology is a big challenge. RTD General Manager Phil Washington likens the agency’s technology to a TV remote. “You probably use maybe two or three features on that frickin’ thing: channels, volume, the on-off switch, but there’s probably a hundred different features on that remote and that’s the technology. The same thing we’re dealing with, with technology.”

You can read more about his take on utilizing existing technology on the online version of “RTD: A Willing Partner” at under “Challenges for RTD.”

Also in the online edition is information on MAX, a multi-agency exchange set up between RTD, LA Metro and Dallas Area Rapid Transit. This recently started innovative program allows about eight staff members from each agency to have a week-long training session at the other two agencies. It sounds like a program with great potential and after the one-year review, they may look to expanding it.

Something else that’s coming to our website and our e-newsletter will be “Mass Transit TV;” a twice-a-month short news broadcast recap starting next month. We want to provide you with the latest information everyone’s talking about and quick-and-easy access to additional information, whether it’s videos, interviews or conference coverage. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to your comments of how we can make it even more useful for you!