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Thermo King Offers Bus Climate Control Solutions

Thermo King, a manufacturer of temperature control systems for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, introduces three new products. These solutions include the IntelligAIRE III microprocessor with advanced diagnostics and J1939 CANBus communication capability, long-life brushless motors and all-electric HVAC.

The IntelligAIRE III with SAE J1939 Communications Network is an advanced microprocessor-based controller for bus climate control systems which can be programmed for either manual or automatic operation. This third-generation solution helps improve operational efficiency for lower lifecycle costs.

"You can flash load new software very, very easily," said said Doug Lenz, Thermo King director of product management and marketing. "It allows customer to continue to optimize the control for their operation because everybody's application is a little different so they can taylor that for optimal energy efficiency."

The new controller is standard on coach and transit solutions and optional on shuttle bus air conditioning solutions.

The Second Generation Brushless Motors are now available on the Thermo King rear-mount T Series and the roof-mount low floor (RLF) units, reduce the HVAC unit weight by 20 percent to help improve fuel economy and lower operational costs.

"It's a little over a 100-pound weight reduction compared to our other system," 

This second-generation, more sustainable solution features a condenser package that requires less energy and a more advanced diagnostic capability. "Should there be an issue with the fan motor, it's much more easy to diagnose that it is the fan motor, and which fan motor." Available for coach and transit buses.

The all-electric HVAC system for buses uses alternating current (AC) enabling users to increase energy and operational efficiency. This solution optimizes air conditioning capacity to provide consistent comfort for passengers and drivers throughout the vehicle at all engine speeds.

The all-electric HVAC system also improves fuel economy by eliminating the negative impact of variable engine RPMs on load and demand. The all-electric HVAC solution also uses energy-efficient R407c refrigerant and offers lower operational and life cycle costs because there are fewer parts to maintain and replace, and there are no valves, hoses or seals to leak refrigerant.

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