Online Exclusive

TransTrack Systems Offers Data Management Software and Consulting

Data is key to determining areas of needed improvement and opportunity, but simple data isn't as valuable as what the information indicates. TransTrack's Transit Performance Manager sofware is an internet-based data management system that allows users to streamline and automate data collection and reporting. 

Beyond simple reporting of data and reports, what TransTrack offers is more than software, but also data consulting services to assist in data analysis. "We offer software, but really we're a service," said Mary Sue O'Melia, responsible for the company's business queries and consults.

In the coming weeks, the company will be upgrading the system to allow greater flexibility in its reporting capabilities, said O'Melia. Users will be able to get their information in a more timely and accurate manner, then be able to take advantage of the consulting aspect of the company to analyze the aggregated data and trouble-shoot ways to use the information to better their business.

Visit TransTrack at Booth 3103.