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Stadler Showcases GTW DMU 2/6

Stadler, a Swiss rail car builder, is showcasing the diesel-electric GTW DMU 2/6 low-floor rail car. The car on display is one of 11 that has been ordered by Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA). The rail cars will be used for the A-train, a passenger rail line being constructed by DCTA.

The vehicles are compliant with American with Disabilities Act (ADA), and will incorporate enhanced air conditioning, passenger information systems, video surveillance and a significant part of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) compliant elements. There are 104 seats and standing room for 96 persons in every vehicle.

"This is the fourth generation, and it really shows the evolution of the product," explained Stadler President Stephen Bonina, P.E. "The design of this car is focused on it being able to complete its mission. The reliability is off the charts."

The traction equipment is housed in a separate power car, efficiently insulating the passenger compartments from noise. In addition, it has a redundant traction power system consisting of two units, each with a diesel engine, asynchronous generator, IGBT power converter and asynchronous drive motor.

To date, 551 GTW cars have been sold in 13 countries, including 37 in the United States, said Peter Jenelten, execitive vice president marketing and sales.

Strandler is putting a new focus on its presence in the United States, according to Jenelten. "Up until now we have supplied these trains from Switzerland. We need to be present in the United States with production. We have to establish something in the United States," said Jenelten.

He said a concept and site for U.S. production will be determined by the end of the year.

"It's Swiss quality, meets U.S. standards and will be built in America," Bonina said.

Attendee response to the GTW has been positive, Bonina said. "They can't believe the quality. The quality is the No. 1 statement I'm hearing. Right out of the factory, it works," he said.

To see the GTW DMU railcar and learn more about its features, visit Stadler in Booth 6149.