Online Exclusive

ACS Advocates a Message of Innovation

Since the Xerox acquisition of ACS two years ago, a strong push for more research and development has leveraged the strong research background of Xerox (averaging 5 patents per week) with the innovative solutions from ACS in the transporation industry. Marco Bressan, laboratory manager and chief innovation officer, originally from the Xerox side, spent much of his time making sure the R&D side of the business was in line with ACS and its transportation goals. "Eventually I became fond of transporation," said Bressan. "It's every researchers dream to problem solve, and the transportation industry has no shortage of problems in need of innovative solutions."

Bringing together industry professionals with researchers is another essential element to continued innovation through ACS. "You have to co-innovate with clients," explains Bressan. "Whatever you do has to work with their data." ACS works diligently to work with each customer to make individual models that adapt to the customer's data.

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