Online Exclusive

Rotary Lift Booth Features Three New Heavy-Duty Bus Service Lifts

The company debuts the Rotary Lift EFX60 inground scissor lift, Wireless Mach 4 mobile column lift, and updated MOD30 modular environmentally friendly in-ground lift. All three lifts are on display at the Rotary Lift booth.

The EFX60 uses Rotary Lift’s universal-style lifting saddle with flip-up adapters to make lift setup even easier. The lift is compatible with the industry’s widest selection of third-party-certified lightweight adapters (the same adapters used with the MOD30 inground lift).

On display, visitors get an inside look at the EFX60 technology. Plexiglass windows display the full operation of the in-ground lift. "We wanted to really open up and give full access, and a full view," said David Fischmer, marketing communications manager, of the in-ground operation of the EFX60.

Using patented technology, Rotary Lift’s Wireless Mach 4 mobile column lift eliminates the most vulnerable aspects of mobile column lifts: power cords and communication cables. Each Wireless Mach 4 column is powered by batteries and communicates with the other columns wirelessly, and is retrofittable to existing Mach 4 mobile column lifts.

The MOD30 in-ground lift was first introduced at the APTA Expo 2002. Rotary Lift introduced a new transit package, first seen here at APTA Expo 2011. The new package includes an updated ultra-low profile superstructure that provides maximum flexibility and versatility for lifting most low-floor and kneeling buses.

Visit Rotary Lift at Booth 4633.