SKF Introduces High-Capacity Air Dryer

SKF recently introduced its new High Capacity (H.C.) Dual Turbo-2000 air dryer, an advanced version of the standard SKF Brakemaster Dual Turbo-2000 air dryer designed with a greater maximum compressor size. The new H.C. Dual Turbo-2000 is ideal for large compressor output applications and is available in 12V 75W (6.6 amps) and 24V 75W (3.2 amps) options.

SKF launched the Dual-Turbo-2000 air dryer to meet 2010 EPA requirements for high output compressors on transit buses.

The High Capacity Dual Turbo-2000 air dryer can withstand compressor air flow output of up to 80 scfm and up to 40 percent compressor duty cycle – the standard Dual Turbo-2000 withstands up to 40 scfm and 100 percent compressor duty cycle. The H.C. Dual Turbo-2000 also includes the same internal filtration package with 99.9 percent efficiency as the standard Dual Turbo-2000 air dryer. 

“The introduction of the new High Capacity Dual Turbo-2000 air dryer broadens our product offering, allowing end users to choose an air dryer that is designed to meet the specific and difficult air quality demands of their applications,” said Leslie Kern, product development manager, Heavy Duty, SKF. “While the standard Dual Turbo-2000 is more suitable for extreme compressor duty cycles, the new High Capacity Dual Turbo-2000 is designed with a greater compressor size and meets the requirements of high output compressors required on 2010 transit bus engines.”

Early adopters for the H.C. Dual Turbo-2000 include Gillig and North American Bus Industries (NABI).

SKF's new air dryer technology can also be retrofitted to current systems, without having to cut into current wiring systems. According to Kern, Los Angeles has refurbished more than 300 buses with H.C. Dual-Turbo-2000 air dryers. 

Visit SKF and see their new air dryer system at Booth 912.