Online Exclusive

Duo-Gard Works to Maintain Customer Vision

Duo-Gard works to advance transit shelter and stations through its integrated services of design, engineering, fabrication and installation of custom architectural products that enhance sustainability consistent with LEED compliance. 

The company's latest technology, a net-zero electric-vehicle charging station, features a sealed solar panel canopy roof that captures the energy available at the station. Just this week the company was awarded its first contract to produce a two-car station in Florida, and is excited about the opportunities this offers in the future.

Duo-Gard's mission is to work closely with transit authorities to assist in the development of an idea from concept to design to finished product while integrating the local area "personality" and maintaining the vision of the customer. The company's co-development style also allows it to help find ways to lower the overall cost of the design and create a more efficient build model for the customer.

Visit Duo-Gard at Booth 5323.