Our Top 40 Under 40

Each year, the Top 40 Under 40 provides us with an opportunity to highlight some of the outstanding leaders in public transportation that are shaping our industry’s future. It’s great to see so many outstanding nominations from a wide range of positions in the industry. The chosen individuals have proven themselves successful in their careers and are working hard to make improvements at their agencies or companies and for public transit as a whole.

With the baby boomer retirements, our industry is looking at a shortage of mid-career professionals and while a large percentage of professionals are expected to retire over the next few years, it is critical that mid-career transit professionals prepare for the leadership challenges that await them.

This year’s recipients have a wide array of accomplishments, and there was more than could fit in this magazine, so be sure to check out our Top 40 online to read more on each person and to read what they have to say about public transportation and learn more about them.From the time our art director first put the section together until the time we went to press there have already been three people to take on different positions:

  • John Andoh to the Yuma County Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority as its new transit director where he will be responsible for the development and transition of the Yuma County Area Transit and Greater Yuma Area Dial-A-Ride services from the administration of the Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization to the newsly formed YCIPTA;
  • Wes Irvin to the National Association of Manufacturers as vice president, government relations, where he will focus on the role transportation plays in America’s economy; and
  • Richard Davey was named secretary of Transportation and chief executive of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, with oversight of key public assets, including highways, public transportation and airports.

It’s always exciting for us to keep up with the Top 40 recipients to see how they continue to further their careers and make an impact in our industry

As soon as this issues mails we hear a lot of comments about people that should have made the list. So, if there’s someone deserving you think needs to be on our list for 2012, you can nominate them today! Visit http://surveys.questionpro.com/a/TakeSurvey?id=2389031 (or scan the code at left)and share highlights of the deserving individual.

We’re excited to be in New Orleans for this year’s Expo and looking forward to seeing all of the changes at the RTA, after talking to Justin Augustine. After rebuilding post-Katrina, the RTA has continued to expand, including the latest streetcar expansions. These lines will be offered as technical tours during Expo and there will also be the opportunity to see the Carrollton barn, where the streetcars are constructed by RTA craftsmen.

We’ll see you soon in New Orleans!