Carmen Quevedo

Financial Analyst

Visalia Transit - City of Visalia

Carmen Quevedo, financial analyst for the city of Visalia’s Transit Division, comes to public transit with an M.B.A. in business administration and B.S. in accounting, all of which has been vital to her contribution of managing multiple multimillion dollar grants for Visalia Transit.

Visalia was in need of securing more funding for its ever growing public transit system. Quevedo was specifically recruited from the city’s Accounting Department for her strengths in managing multiple projects and complex financial formulas. To date, Quevedo has been successful in securing grant after grant to provide one of the premier public transit systems in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

Grants that Quevedo has secured for the city include funding for: expansion of public transit routes to serve two rural communities, funding for construction of a full-service Transit Center, construction of an Operations & Maintenance Facility, later expansion of both facilities, replacement of older diesel buses to cleaner CNG fuels, funds for a countywide informational Call Center, funds for a partnership service between Visalia Transit and the National Park Service Sequoia, safety and security funding, an automatic vehicle locator system, solar power panels and other latest transit technologies.

If the achievement of being awarded these grants in a competitive grant application, with larger cities with more resources, was not enough, her ability to manage the complex data reporting that is associated with these is truly commendable. Being almost a “one-women show” in a small department, she produces the equivalent of entire teams. She is even asked to assist other grant funded departments and the local COG with their grant applications.

Quevedo’s commitment to provide the best service possible to the transit dependent and also appeal to the choice rider is truly exemplary. She is also highly responsive to the needs of her fellow colleagues as she also sits on the city’s VEST committee, a group volunteering to help city employees during times of need. And yet, she maintains a high level of modesty as seen in her resume:

“Develop and coordinate departmental programs, conduct surveys and perform research, statistical analysis and impact studies on administrative, fiscal, and operation issues and laws, serve as a liaison between departments/division and other city departments outside agencies and the public, develop and administer projects, initiate studies and/or recommendations to improve and facilitate department/division programs and procedures, prepare and conduct speeches and training to departmental personnel and the public regarding specific programs of the department, assist in budget preparation, grant writing, federal and state reporting. Provide leadership skills, oversee marketing program. Assist with the Call Center. Supervise when the Transit Manager is absent.”

“I enjoy working in transit as it always keeps me challenged.  There is never a dull moment and there is always room for growth. The grant management is what I enjoy the most. We’ve been successful in grant awards and that has enabled our Transit system to expand and implement new services, make capital purchase and construct operating facilities.”

“I think most folks who work in Transit happen to land that position.  For me it was a promotional move within the City of Visalia.  You really don’t know what you are getting into until you are in the Transit world.  It has been very rewarding for me as I’ve grown, learned and continue to broaden my horizons in the last 10 years working for Transit.”