Ramond Robinson

Transportation Planner

Charlotte Area Transit System

As a key member of the CATS Service development group, transportation planner Ramond A. Robinson has lead the effort on many major service changes. During the past two years, Robinson has lead the efforts for service expansion in a down economy for city of Charlotte, Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS).

Over the last years, Robinson has worked in a group that has had to take on more work with fewer resources. He has been able to successfully help the overall service for CATS, with analysis and service plans that have increased service efficiencies and raised the overall productivity of the system. He has displayed outstanding qualities that exemplify his love for public service (works for the citizens) and his desire to do a good job. He is passionate and professional, which benefits the citizens as well as the CATS organization. He implements service with the citizens in mind and he displays professionalism by being an expert in his craft which has made him successful in his career. He works everyday to improve the quality of life for citizens.

In late June 2009, Robinson successfully planned, and later implemented, service enhancements for two services and introduced a new shopper service for CATS. The plans were awarded grant money from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to provide extra service and were awarded through a competitive process. The plan represented a significant increase in the services, which yielded significant gains in ridership and community benefits from the service expansion. In 2010, Robinson successfully planned and later implemented service enhancements for two additional service enhancements as well as a circulator service, in the Matthews–Mint Hill area of Mecklenburg County, which is slated to start in the summer of 2011. He was instrumental in accomplishing this with federal funds as well, with these services focusing more on the mobility of senior passengers and passengers with disabilities.

In addition to developing service plans, Robinson is a steering team member for the Carbon Greenhouse Initiative workgroup at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, a member of the City of Charlotte Community Cabinet and a 2011 Leadership APTA participant. Robinson is currently working on developing service changes for the Independence Blvd. corridor in which he is working handily with NCDOT, and other city departments.

“What I enjoy about the transit industry is providing the mental infrastructure to help people understand how vital transportation is to our present and future. I work for transit and I am a transit user so I am setting a good example, but my rides home are always filled with new ideas and questions from passengers.”

“The future of mass transit will strive with the building of mental infrastructure, to complement the wheels on the bus and trains on the tracks.”