Randy Clarke

Director of Security Initiatives, Acting Chief of Safety

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Randy Clarke has been committed to transit ever since he entered a Master’s program in public policy and management in 1999. After writing his thesis on the use of intelligent transportation systems in emergency management, Clarke has worked diligently for numerous public and private organizations to manage transit safety and security projects, conduct audits and run emergency drills and evacuations.

Now with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), which he joined in 2009, Clarke holds two titles: Director of Security Initiatives and Acting Chief Safety Officer. Managing more than $100 million in grant funding in his Director of Security Initiatives role, Clarke is responsible for the planning, designing and installing of all the security systems that the MBTA leverages, including cameras, access control and tunnel intrusion systems. He also develops the security policies and plans such as emergency evacuation plans and facilitates security drills and incident training. He is keenly aware of the security risks the hub is susceptible to and is working on providing as many tools to the MBTA Transit Police to ensure the MBTA is prepared to deal with the ever constant threat of terrorism. Clarke has been working tirelessly since day one, and even though he was fully vested in the security position; he took on the additional responsibility of Acting Chief of Safety when it was offered. As Acting Chief Safety Officer, he oversees system safety – including 1.3 million customers traveling on the MBTA daily and more than 6,000 employees.

Outside of his day job, Clarke is heavily involved with the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), serving on various safety and security committees, including its Infrastructure Security Work Group, for which he’s the co-chair. He has served as an APTA peer reviewer and frequently delivers presentations at its conferences on security and emergency management topics. He’s also involved with the Department of Homeland Security’s Critical Infrastructure Work Group.

“I enjoy making a difference in the lives of 1.3 million people a day as there are few companies where you get to do that directly every day.”