Patty Kiewiz

Operations Manager

Green Bay Metro

Patty Kiewiz started her career in transit in 2004 as a dispatcher for Green Bay Metro. She has held a variety of positions during her tenure. She has been a dispatcher, administrative clerk and finance manager. All of these previous positions have prepared her for her current position as operations manager. Kiewiz chairs the Operations Safety Committee of the Wisconsin Urban Rural Transit Association.

Kiewiz oversees the operations of 60 employees, who provide approximately 82,000 hours of service covering 1.1 million miles. In 2008, 2009, and 2010 Metro won state recognition in safety by having the lowest accidents ratings in the state of Wisconsin. She has a strong background in labor relations and has worked to forge respect and consistency with represented employees. Under her direction, Green Bay Metro has been able to reduce expenses while adding service to the system. Kiewiz has revamped the transit operations at Metro by training and developing new talent, as well as challenging experienced employees to strive for greater results.

Kiewiz is an energetic individual, dedicated to her community, and is one of the most innovate young professionals in the transit industry.

“I enjoy the people. Whether it is helping my team to be successful or helping someone be more independent in the community.  I enjoy all the wonderful people I get to work with and serve each and every day.”

“The variety of people I meet and helping my community to provide the best efficient, reliable transit system possible.”

“I would like to see the same as everyone else in the industry...more funding.  In these tough economic times we see more and more people utilizing public transit.  Funding will be necessary to keep up with the demand...not only by the communities we serve, but by the taxpayers that we service.”