Steve Sisson

Regional Director of Safety/Corporate Security Compliance Director

Veolia Transportation

Steve Sisson joined Veolia Transportation in 2008 as safety and training manager in Tempe, Ariz. Sisson quickly demonstrated his strengths and competencies in the areas of safety, risk management and training and was seen as a manager with high potential right from the start. He was quickly promoted to regional director of safety for the Southwest/Northwest region in April 2010, with his role quickly expanding to regional director of safety and corporate security compliance in January 2011.

Sisson’s security career began during his Army days. While in the military he was trained in security measures, anti-terrorist activities and weaponry. Following his release from the Army, Sisson worked in the warehousing and transportation industries focusing on operations, safety and security.

Since he joined Veolia, Sisson’s advanced his security experience, training at the same level in security programs as local law enforcement in Phoenix, the FBI, the National Transit Institute (NTI), Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Transportation Safety Institute (TSI). He’s completed training in National Incident Management Systems, Connecting Communities, Transit Terrorist Tools and Tactics (T4), Land Transportation Antiterrorist Training Program, and Terrorist Awareness: Protecting the U.S. Public Transportation System, and has also certified as a Terrorist Activity Recognition and Reaction (TARR) Trainer.

In his newly expanded role, Sisson is responsible for security plan development and compliance, education and training, emergency management communication and incident command. Since his promotion to Regional Director of Safety and Corporate

Security Compliance, Sisson has been developing and implementing programs and measures at locations throughout the company related to security compliance.

Sisson’s dedication to safety and Veolia’s corporate initiatives has shown that he not only follows protocols, but that he is also a leader and innovator when it comes to practical applications in everyday performance. His efforts have reduced incidents not only when he was attached to a specific property but also region-wide, which carries over to Veolia Transportation’s nationwide safety statistics.

“For the future of transit, I would like to see more protection for operators.  This could be in the form of more transit dedicated police, or barriers to keep the operators from being assaulted.  I believe if we can help the operator feel more secure then they will be less distracted and therefore we could see a reduction in accident rates.”