John Andoh

Transit & Airport Coordinator

City of Rio Vista

Transit Coordinator

City of Escalon

John Andoh has a passion for making public transit work. He has a strong passion for public transit - wanting to work in the industry since age five. Andoh is certified as a community transit manager by the Community Transportation Association of America and serves on various committees with the California Transit Association. With the city of Rio Vista, he has been able to transform a city-operated demand responsive transit system serving a different city each day of the week to a three deviated fixed route system with daily service to Fairfield, Suisun City, Isleton, Antioch and Pittsburg/Bay Point BART Station. Andoh has managed the Rio Vista Delta Breeze transit operations for six years, during which he has developed a new marketing brand, logo, paint scheme, website Rider’s Guide and an advertising plan.

Working with the surrounding transit operators, Andoh has forged new partnerships with BART, Vallejo Transit, FAST, SCT/LINK, Tri Delta Transit, The County Connection, Amtrak California and Capital Corridor, the city of Isleton and River Delta Unified School District. He has also created new marketing identities; planned new transit services, including fixed route, deviated fixed route, paratransit and demand-responsive services; developed short range transit plans; prepared annual service plans; scheduled services; made presentations to policy makers and transit stakeholders; developed reports, spreadsheets and databases; coordinated procurement for transit services and other goods; made recommendations for improving the system; supervised staff; purchased vehicles; developed operating and capital budgets; coordinated with auditors; obtained grants; and monitored transit operations contracts and grants.

In addition, he has administered and prepared grants for transit operations. Andoh was responsible for securing more than $350,000 in grants in the Federal Transit Administration Sections 5310, 5311, 5316 and 5317 programs. He also secured of $80,000 in grants from Yolo/Solano Air Quality Management District, MTC (Lifeline and former LIFT program) and Beverly Foundation grants.

“I enjoy working on the technical aspects of planning and marketing a public transit system. I enjoy the development of service concept, routes and schedules and then talking with the general public about their feedback and then making the necessary revisions to build a public transportation system that benefits the people. I also enjoy working on the marketing of a transit system, including the branding of a system. The thrill of being able to entice people towards using public transit is challenging, but rewarding when you see a full bus driving down the street.”