Powerful Knowledge

As I stood in line to vote this morning at the elementary school that serves as our polling place, I noticed a bulletin board showing how various students had completed the phrase, “Knowledge gives us the power to ...” Several responses were along the lines of making more money or do more difficult jobs, but many finished the sentence with variations of how knowledge empowers them to learn more.

As a reader of this magazine, I presume you are seeking to broaden and deepen your knowledge of transit operations’ best practices. We attempt in each issue to bring you new insights and perspectives on a vast number of topics related to transit, but of course space in the magazine is always at a premium. Space is far less constrained in our daily e-newsletters and on our website.

Over the past several years we have continually added online sections, including videos, whitepapers, a suppliers directory, job section, connections to social media, four blogs by various industry leaders, and much more. Over the years we added on to the website and newsletters much as someone constructs additions to a house, pushing out in every direction, but at the expense of good overall design and navigation.

With the goal of easing your access to content, we have completely redesigned our online offerings. If you subscribe to our daily e-newsletter you no doubt noticed a more organized presentation. I invite you to visit MassTransitmag.com, if you haven’t already, to become familiar with the resources available. The restructured site uses a proprietary database to tag and find content for your research, and the site is organized in a way that you should find easy to navigate. We offer unlimited access to information with a one-time registration, which also makes it easy for you to comment, share content with others, and receive daily transit news updates. The new site is also available as a mobile version on your smartphone.

I think the elementary students got it right. Knowledge enables us to seek out our best sources of information. We hope it empowers you to make the best decisions for your agency.