Top 40 Under 40 - 2010

New Flyer congratulates the 2010 recipients of Mass Transit’s Top 40 Under 40 Award. We recognize that these are challenging times in the North American transit industry, and know that your leadership and dedication will help ensure that transit continues to be a critical element to the viability of our communities.

New Flyer is also committed to the development of our own next generation of leaders. In our current economic climate, the common trend is to reduce or eliminate training; however, at New Flyer, we recognize that training is a critical component to our success. The New Flyer Institute was introduced to create a formal standardized framework for all training and developmental programs that support and enhance employee development. The Institute ensures all training programs are aligned with the organizational goals and executed in the most effective way. New Flyer also recognizes that strong leaders are critical to the success of the business; to support their development needs, the New Flyer Leadership Certificate program was created. This program is one of the programs that flow through the New Flyer Institute and is consistent with the organization’s core values, including integrity, fairness, accountability, dependability and responsiveness.

We believe that the ongoing development of our employees has galvanized our ability to offer the transit industry the broadest product line on the market. Our newest model, Xcelsior, was designed to improve the passenger and driver experience, be easier to maintain, and be lighter and quieter than conventional transit buses. A comprehensive cross-functional team of leaders established project objectives based on customers’ needs and designed a new product to meet those requirements. In addition, we are the only manufacturer of electric trolleys in North America, and manufactured and delivered the world’s largest fleet of hydrogen fuel cell buses for operation during the 2010 Winter Olympics. These accomplishments would not have been possible without the dedication and efforts of our talented workforce.

New Flyer congratulates you on this outstanding achievement and we wish you much continued success.



Eric Hesse

Strategic Planning Analyst, Office of the General Manager


Years in Transit: 4


The strategic planning analyst in the office of the general manager at TriMet in Portland, Ore., Eric Hesse coordinates annual updates of the agency’s rolling five-year Transit Investment Plan and also shares responsibility for developing and implementing the agency’s sustainability policy, metrics and analysis, and is an advisor to the general manager on local, state and federal transportation, climate, and energy policy. He was recognized for his contributions with a General Manager’s Award for Sustainability in 2008.

Both locally and nationally, he has taken leadership roles in his areas of expertise: sustainability (climate and energy) and performance measurement/management. Hesse serves as chair of the APTA Climate Change Standards Working Group since August 2009 (was previously vice chair from group’s inception in December 2007. He became chair of the newly formed APTA Sustainability Committee’s Technical Advisory/Peer Review Subcommittee on the APTA Sustainability Commitment.

Under Hesse’s leadership, the Climate Change Standards Working Group has successfully worked with The Climate Registry to ensure its reporting and verification protocols work for transit industry members. Hesse recently led CCWG efforts to work with The Climate Registry to develop a set of Transit Industry Performance Metrics, based on the work of CCWG in its Recommended Practice for Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transit.

“I am proud to be in the transit industry because it makes me feel like I’m working on providing solutions to a number of society’s key challenges. ... major demographic, economic and environmental changes that we are starting to experience now and will continue to face over the next several decades.”


Jennille Logan

Account Manager

ACS A Xerox Company

Years in Transit: 5

Jennille Logan has and continues to educate public and private communities on the importance of transit and the complexities that are involved in making it work. In her outreach efforts, she creates an awareness that lets communities know that they can contribute to transit in different ways.

Logan’s outreach effort doesn't stop with current industry professionals, she also works with visits local colleges and speaks to students o the importance of transit to help them when they are looking at post-college careers. Logan’s outreach efforts include secession planning as she assists in creating our next generation of transit/transportation professionals.

Logan professional affiliations are consistent with her passion for transit/transportation. She is a member of APTA and COMTO; and a very active member of the Hampton Roads Chapter of COMTO (COMTO-HR). She is the Hampton Roads Chapter Scholarship Golf Tournaments’ director. COMTO-HR in 2009 awarded five scholarships to very desiring students. Two of the scholarships were awarded to students in which Logan worked very closely.


“I am thankful that I have a career that allows me to help the community and assist agencies in making their decisions on how transit will form and change in their respective areas. Being in transit, it enables me to shape the future.”