Rail Show Product Highlights


Transit Systems Key to Sustainable Mobility

With mounting congestion in cities, uncertain energy supplies and global warming, the timing for rail transit systems — one of the cleanest and most energy-efficient means of transport — couldn’t be better. As a world-leading supplier in design-build-operate-maintain (DBOM) transportation systems, Bombardier Transportation is dedicated to providing advanced solutions that meet both operator and passenger needs. Bombardier has installed some 60 transit system projects worldwide with 32 of these operating in urban applications and a further 22 in world-leading airports.   
To demonstrate the benefits of its transit systems, Bombardier has developed www.mytransitsystem.com. Users can populate the virtual city with a mix of transport modes to make the city grow and bring new life to districts of the city — from a neglected waterfront area to a sports stadium, residential areas and commercial districts. The benefits that the transit systems bring are displayed visually using Bombardier's ECO4 terminology: Economy, Ecology, Efficiency and Energy. Bombardier is committed to sustainable solutions; shaping the future of mobility by delivering products and services that combine energy-conserving technology with optimal safety, reliability and cost efficiency.

Also at the Bombardier booth, one of the 2010 Olympic torches will be on display. Designing the torch involved a full year of collaboration between Bombardier Aerospace, Bombardier Transportation and the Vancouver Olympic Committee. The Bombardier-designed torch represents Canada’s landscape, as well as the line and curves created by winter sports on fresh powder snow and ice.


Software Solutions for Public Transportation

GIRO is a leading developer of software solutions for transit scheduling and operations of rail services such as commuter rail, metro, tram, and light rail, as well as bus services. GIRO’s HASTUS solution integrates flexible tools and industry-leading algorithms designed to improve efficiency and ensure optimization of planning and scheduling, operations, analysis, customer information, and web services. New to HASTUS this year is the PlanOpt module, which optimizes the daily assignment of operator work using an advanced algorithm to automatically assign uncovered work to available vehicle operators.

Hundreds of public transit authorities and private operators around the world use HASTUS to optimize all aspects of their transit operations, to improve cost efficiency, and to ensure high-quality service for passengers. GIRO’s renowned customer support includes an efficient and knowledgeable Service Desk, product training sessions, and international HASTUS User Groups that provide customers with the latest product updates, technical workshops, and opportunities to share experiences and ideas with other HASTUS users.

Mass. Electric Construction Co.

Providing Electrical Construction and Maintenance Services

Founded in 1928, Mass. Electric Construction Co. (MEC) has become one of the largest electrical contractors in the United States. Headquartered in Texas, the Transportation District operates regional offices throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, with electrical projects in government, transportation, utilities, commercial and industrial markets. Mass. Electric's transportation service includes signal, overhead contact systems (catenary), traction power and communications systems for clients nationwide.


With today’s equipment operating as a system rather than individual units, LECIP is a producer of the entire product line, covering it system wide, including security cameras, OBC displays, LED replacement lights and LED signs.

Its security camera sees 360 degrees, reducing the numbers required in each car. The files are stored and can be reviewed from any angle with just the touch of a mouse or keyboard arrows. 

LCD split screens on OBC displays allow you to deliver more information to the passengers than just the next stop. With two sides that are independently programmed, you can include revenue generating advertisements, maps of the area, a list of several upcoming stops or a route map.  Content is limited only by your imagination. LED lighting reduces operating expenses while improving visibility inside the rail car. LECIP provides a full line of lighting products from overhead, to stairwell, to exit door lighting.

INIT Innovations in Transportation

INIT Offers Sensor Technology with State-of-the-Art 3-D Imaging

For extreme accuracy demands in automatic passenger counting (APC), INIT’s 3-D sensor technology makes use of an innovative new detection method with pulses of laser light which are sent out in quick succession using the invisible IR range. These pulses are reflected by objects and detected by the sensor. The distance to the object is then calculated by taking into account the period of time between transmission and reception of the light pulse. In this manner, the system generates a 3-D image of the door space, so that individual persons are detected even in tightly packed crowds.

The advanced sensor technology has the ability to reliably distinguish between people and objects and even allows the determination of human characteristics such as body height. Raw data accuracy is guaranteed to be at least 96 percent regardless of any environmental conditions.

In addition to statistical controls, the 3-D sensor technology also allows for absolute control of transit service performance and revenue control, i.e. reconciliation between fare revenues and number of passengers.