Minding the Procurement Workforce Gap: New Strategies and Innovative Tech

July 25, 2023
Unlock the secrets to maximizing your transportation procurement team's efficiency and modernizing with innovative technology in this Mass Transit-hosted webinar!

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Duration: 1 Hour
Sponsor: Bonfire, a Euna Solutions brand 

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For many transportation procurement teams, to-do lists just keep getting longer. Purchasing requests are growing among workforce shortages, tech skill gaps, and the incoming workforce’s intolerance for inefficiency. Even with the right budget, it can be challenging to hire or train procurement professionals that understand the strict and complex regulations governing transit agencies’ procurement.

So, how can your agency conquer this challenge?

Join our webinar on July 25th at 2PM EST to discover how your organization can adopt new strategies and innovative technology to achieve more with a minimal workforce and improve hiring and training.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Discuss strategies to address the shortage of experienced transportation procurement professionals
  • Develop strategies to successfully adapt and modernize your workforce
  • Explore how eProcurement addresses this challenge by:
    • Enabling overstretched teams to run bids and RFPs in less time
    • Initiating best practices for quicker on-boarding and training of new staff
    • Simplifying measures for excellent compliance
  • Learn how to effectively advocate for eProcurement within your organization


Mitchell Dixon
Manager, Solutions Consulting
Bonfire Interactive

Mitchell Dixon helps procurement teams understand how they can solve their business problems through technology. He is responsible for working with cross-functional teams to gain a technical understanding of Bonfire, a Euna Solutions Brand, build out industry-specific demonstrations of the tool, and provide present and future clients with meaningful materials and applicable use case scenarios within the platform. Mitch is passionate about collaborating with people, gaining insight into their day-to-day challenges, and helping procurement teams understand how their current processes can be enhanced with technology.

Moderator: Mischa Wanek-Libman
Editor in Chief
Mass Transit

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