RFP Labor Collaboration Consultant

Oct. 19, 2022

Title: Labor Collaboration Consultant

Description: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority ("VTA") seeks proposals (each, a “Proposal”) from qualified firms (each, a “Proposer”) to provide services in support of capacity building, fostering collaboration between VTA’s labor unions, and supporting the labor unions through the organizational culture and climate change initiative at VTA (“Services”).

BACKGROUND:  VTA’s workforce has suffered extreme trauma and setbacks from multiple crises, starting with the COVID pandemic in early 2020, followed by a crippling cyber-attack and the tragic mass shooting on May 26, 2021. This was compounded by long-standing and previously identified structural problems noted by the VTA Board of Directors in a referral to administration on September 2, 2021.

For VTA to move forward in a meaningful and successful way, VTA has embarked on an organizational culture and climate transformation initiative. This initiative presents the opportunity to identify near and long-term measures to make sustainable structural changes which will lead to lasting improvements to the internal support systems for its employees and in the overall experience of being employed by VTA.

A harmonious relationship between VTA labor unions and VTA management, as well as relationships between individual VTA labor unions has been a long-standing goal of the labor community at VTA. The need for urgency of action to accomplish this goal has been highlighted by the events of the past few years.

VTA issued an RFP and selected an organizational culture and climate transformation consultant (“Transformation Consultant”) to help guide VTA through the transformation process. Separate, and in addition, to the work of this Transformation Consultant, it was determined that in order to foster successful and lasting organizational change within the agency, services would need to be secured to assist the four VTA labor unions (“The Unions”) to foster internal communications and working relationships, to assist The Unions through the culture and climate transformation development process, and though the implementation phase of recommendations that result from the work of the Transformation Consultant. VTA seeks proposals from firms specializing in facilitating and fostering harmonious working relationships among organized labor, between organized labor and corporate management, and with experience and knowledge in best practices for effective, successful, and lasting organizational culture and climate change.

Closing Date: October 28, 2022 at 4:00 pm Pacific Time

URL: https://procurement.opengov.com/portal/vta/projects/28559