Qualified Products List (QPL)

Sept. 9, 2022


Qualified Products List (QPL)

Notice to potential suppliers: NYCT will make available to potential vendors copies of the following Qualified Products List (QPL).

Subway Car Parts: Subway car items including, but are not limited to, the following:

Components & complete electrical controller pans, electrical & carbon brushes, electrical circuit parts & accessories, motor component parts, motor controllers, traction motor parts, structural & non-structural car body parts, wheel & truck parts, subway car assembly parts, subway car decals, insulators, air conditioning & air brake parts, as well as wheel truing machine items, gaskets, diesel engine parts, glass and signal communication equip.

Track, Maintenance of Way, Building Supplies and Other Items:  Items including, but are not limited to, the following:

Power generators & distribution, wire & cable, electrical circuit components, coil, contacts, electrical lighting, electrical fittings, signal communications, air conditioning, boilers, pipes and fittings, valves, hoses, plumbing supplies, building materials, metals insulation, paint, hardware (screws, bolts, fasteners), tools, shops equipment, forms & paper, abrasives, welding materials, track material, lumber, electrical measuring equip, pump compressor parts, fuses, electrical fittings & accessories, bearings, lubrication fittings/ machines parts.

Bus Parts:  Items including, but are not limited to, the following:

Brake lining, undercarriage, wheels, muffler & exhaust system, front & rear parts, steering & related parts, cooling & heating, system, fuel injection, transmission, windows & bus body parts.

The aforementioned Qualified Products Lists are available to the public.  These lists include item descriptions, currently approved suppliers on the Authority QPL, & estimated annual usage.  The QPL package can be obtained by accessing our website,


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