RFP 24-07-498 IndyGo (SS4A) Near-Miss Crash Video Analysis Project

July 8, 2024

Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IPTC)

RFP 24-07-498 IndyGo (SS4A) Near-Miss Crash Video Analysis Project

Summary: Indianapolis Public Transportation Corp. dba IndyGo, his Request for Proposal (RFP) IndyGo is seeking a near-miss, 24-hour video surveillance and data analysis as well as an on[1]board survey consisting of safety-related questions for passengers from corresponding routes across eight corridors in Indianapolis (Marion County), as well as other highly used bus stops outside the corridors. The primary purpose of this analysis is to capture vehicle-pedestrian interactions, particularly where pedestrians are bus riders headed toward or away from a bus stop. Other interactions may be useful, including but not limited to vehicle, pedestrian, and cyclist paths of travel through a given area.

To Register and view this RFP Online at: https://indygo.bonfirehub.com/opportunities/142977

RFP Release 7/12/2024.

Pre-Proposal Meeting: 7/19/2024, @ 11am EST. (TEAMS Virtual Only).

Written Questions Due: 7/24/2024 by 3:00pm EST

Answers Provided and Posted: 7/30/2024.

Proposals Due Date: 8/13/2024 by 3pm.

Vendor Interviews (TBD) 8/23/2024 (TBA).

IPTC Board Date: 9/26/2024 at 11am.