RFP 24-06-514 Insurance Brokerage Services

July 3, 2024

Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IPTC)

Request For Proposals RFP 24-06-514 Insurance Brokerage Services

Summary: The selected broker and IPTC Risk Management staff will be responsible for planning, designing, implementing, and managing a competitive, cost-effective risk-financing program for IPTC. The process will include the marketing, procurement, and placement of insurance coverage (or alternatives) that will complement IPTC’s self-insurance program. The broker shall furnish its professional services to IPTC during the term of this agreement and any other professional insurance services needed per individual task orders issued by IPTC. To view this RFP online, you must first visit indygo.bonfirehub.com to register your company. Registration is free and easy. Once registered, you will see the listed solicitation as well as be informed of upcoming projects. Issue of RFP: 07/15/2024 by EOD

Virtual Pre-Proposal Meeting: 07/22/2024 @ 1:30pm EST (email to request virtual link)

Written Questions Due: 07/26/2024 by 4:00PM EST

IndyGo Response to Written Questions: 07/31/2024 by EOD

Bid Due Date: 08/14/2024 by 4:00PM EST

Notice of Award: 09/27/2024 by EOD