EQ 24-07-519 IndyGo Non-Revenue Vehicle Purchase Project

July 2, 2024

Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IPTC)

EQ 24-07-519 IndyGo Non-Revenue Vehicle Purchase Project

Summary: Indianapolis Public Transportation Corp. dba IndyGo, The Indianapolis Public Transportation purchases vehicles that are used to support various departmental business needs. The current vehicles are beyond their useful lives and require higher levels of maintenance and repair. This has a direct impact on manpower, supplies, and availability of such vehicles when needed and are unavailable due to repair needs. IndyGo has recently partnered with Bonfire Interactive to create a new procurement portal that will allow you to receive notifications of business opportunities and digitally submit bids and proposals to IndyGo. To Register and view this EQ Online at: https://indygo.bonfirehub.com/opportunities/144738

Issue of EQ: 7/10/2024 by EOD

Written Questions Due: 7/15/2024 by 3:00pm EST

Answers Provided and Posted: 7/19/2024

Proposal Due Date: 7/31/2024 by 3:00pm

Notice of Award: 8/22/2024