IFB 24-05-512 Supply Agreement for Bollards

July 2, 2024

Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IPTC) Invitation for Bid

IFB 24-05-512 Supply Agreement for Bollards

Summary: The Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IPTC) is seeking quotes from qualified vendors for a three (3) year supply agreement for bollards for IPTC's BRT Red Line and possibly additional units on the Purple and Blue Lines. To view this IFB and the Scopes of Work (SOW) online, you must first visit indygo.bonfirehub.com to register your company. Registration is free and easy. Once registered, you will see all current solicitations as well as be informed of upcoming projects.

Issue of Bid: 06/28/2024 by EOD

Written Questions Due: 07/11/2024 by 4:00pm EST

Answers Provided and Posted: 07/17/2024

Bid Due Date: 07/30/2024 by 4:00pm EST (via the Bonfire portal)

Notice of Award: 08/23/2024