RFP 24-03-496 – IPTC Paratransit Assessment & Eligibility

March 25, 2024

Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IPTC) 
Request For Proposals 
RFP 24-03-496 – IPTC Paratransit Assessment & Eligibility 
Summary: The Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation is seeking proposals from a qualified 
partner for service to facilitate its ADA paratransit eligibility certification and functional assessment 
services. IPTC’s current contract will end on September 9, 2024. 
The application process consists of a multi-part application (personal and professional verification forms) and an in-person functional assessment. These forms may be viewed on IPTC's website at 
www.indygo.net. The current staffing model includes four (4) employees and two (2) part-time staff. The in-person assessment process takes approximately 30 minutes to one hour per applicant. 
To view this RFP online, you must first visit indygo.bonfirehub.com to register your company. 
Registration is free and easy. Once registered, you will see the listed solicitation as well as be informed of upcoming projects. 
Issue of RFP: 04/08/2024 by EOD 
Virtual Pre-Proposal Meeting: 04/15/2024 @ 1:30pm EST (email to request virtual link)
Written Questions Due: 04/22/2024 by 3:00PM EST 
IndyGo Response to Written Questions: 04/29/2024 by EOD 
Bid Due Date: 05/13/2024 by 4:00PM EST 
Notice of Award: 07/26/2024 by EOD